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Ben thinks the cellar is a "death trap" and that they would be better served fortifying the house, which at least has alternate escape routes, and Barbara suggests that the group should simply leave the house on foot after she notices the zombies' limited mobility.An argument between Ben and Harry leaves the Coopers in the basement to tend to their ailing daughter, and the remaining members remain upstairs to continue their work reinforcing the doors and windows.Shortly after, a man named Ben arrives, and the two clear the house of the dead and begin the process of barricading the doors and windows.They discover other survivors who have been hiding in the cellar of the house: Harry Cooper, a loud and argumentative husband; his wife Helen; their daughter Sarah, who was bitten by a zombie and has fallen seriously ill; and teenager Tom Bitner and his girlfriend Judy Rose Larson.

Harry believes everyone should retreat to the cellar and barricade the door to wait for the authorities.When Sarah makes her way upstairs, she triggers a shootout between her father, who is trying to protect her, and Ben and Barbara, who are trying to protect themselves.Both Ben and Harry are badly wounded; Barbara shoots Sarah.The loud construction attracts even more zombies to the farmhouse, soon collecting a large mob.The group devises a plan to escape using Ben's truck, which is out of fuel, by refueling at a locked gas pump a few hundred yards away.

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