Mpseb sarni tinder dating site

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A match may lead to a fun date, a new friendship, a lasting relationship, a collaboration or partnership based on shared interests or even a marriage, she adds.

So how does it feel to be a woman CEO of a dating company in India?

Furious Kar retorted: "It's cool, NOT sexy." What helped Kar calm down was her unflinching belief in one of her survival tricks: turn deaf for a while.

People will, Kar lets on, use unkind words, might pull you down or be too harsh. "Don't let negativity affect you," asserts Kar, who has always kept her gender aside while doing business.

She concedes people might have rejected her - from a potential employee not wanting to join, to a potential investor not willing to put in money or a supplier who doesn't want to work - because of her gender. "The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that gender hardly plays a role," she adds.

One is in complete control of the venture as there is no glass ceiling, which might exist in the corporate world.

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Tinder, she believes, is an effective way to meet new people.So, anyway I created my end user user profile and got started out.I devote a complete weekend break examining pictures!Was she anxious when she was appointed the India head?After all, dating as a concept, is not only perceived as a male prerogative in the country but is also seen as taboo or risqué. While working for BCG and Sequoia Capital, she had observed how the Indian technology and consumer landscape evolved rapidly.

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