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Physique 57 was visited by Sarah Jessica Parker—that emblem of Manhattan femininity—when its first studio was still under construction, while the likes of Kelly Ripa have sworn by the studio’s efficacy.

“They’re not the lifeblood of the business but especially when a studio is launched, they bring helpful notoriety to a brand,” says Maanavi.

When that happens, price fall,” says Rohit Deshpande, a Harvard Business School professor who co-wrote an authoritative study on the branding of yoga.

S., she co-founded P57 with fitness instructor Tanya Becker after seeing how distraught Berk’s disciples were when it shuttered.

“Women were crying when they realized their elixir for good health was disappearing,” she says.

“It’s like surfing where you have to be present.” In turn, her company’s marketing efforts focus on how yoga can give busy people a break and some “personal space. Kearney, the so-called “athleisure” industry was valued at nearly billion last year, up from around billion in 2014.

Then, the business folk found a way to bring the cool factor out of the studio via merchandising. The pioneer was Lululemon, the Vancouver-founded apparel maker whose logo now marks the derrière of every fashion-conscious fitness nut in the Western hemisphere and did .06 billion in sales last year. (That long, lithe muscles on attractive people are accentuated by yoga and barre probably helps.) I'm thrilled to share I'm partnering with Lipton on their fabulous new Lipton Wellness Range.

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