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This game featuring the Shinsengumi is cleverly enhanced with fantasy elements of "oni" (devils) and vampires, making the storyline more attractive, and becoming a wildly popular romance adventure game from publisher Otomate.

Based on historical fact, Hino is remembered as the place where Toshizou Hijikata, Isami Kondo, and Souji Okita met and established their relationship.

Hinojuku Honjin (as pictured) is the only Honjin building of the Edo period left in Tokyo, and it was the home of Hikogorou Sato, a wholesale dealer at Hinojuku and the head of Hino Hongo, during the Bakumatsu period. / Lawson HMV Entertainment, Inc All Rights Reserved.

The kenjutsu (sword art) dojo of Tennen Rishin-ryu, the place where Isami Kondo and Toshizou Hijikata met other comrades, who later also became Shisengumi members and practiced sword art together, was located at Hinojuku Honjin.ⓒ2016 TOHO CO., LTD. / KADOKAWA CORPORATION / East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.

In those early days, the Shinsengumi looked very different to what you see in the likes of Hakuoki.The vice-commander of the Shinsengumi, Toshizou Hijikata, and the captain of the sixth unit of the Shinsengumi, Genzaburo Inoue, grew up in the city of Hino.There are five Shinsengumi-related museums located in Hino.They’ve become almost mythical in their widespread appeal, but beneath all of the romanticism is a group of real people – people who, depending on your perspectives, and the attitudes of the historians you choose to read, are either the noble heroes of a dying era or a gang of ruthless, violent killers who policed Kyoto with an iron fist.As is so often the case with historical figures, there are seeds of truth in both sides of the coin. ” In the mid-1800s, after centuries in power, the once proud Tokugawa Shogunate (or Bakufu) was starting to lose the trust of the people of Japan.

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