Is brittany daniel still dating keenen ivory wayans

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So while you out there bashing black women and why the way they are put your 2cents on some of the bum ass men out there. y is that not good enough for the wealthy blk man ??? because a romantic relationship and the relationship you have with your female family members IS NOT THE SAME THING. Im guessing that men like Keenan dont want kids that have the same "issues" or struggles (be they perceived or real) as their female family members.

You need to start pointing out the positive in black woman instead of all that crap you spit brotha and like there are good BLACK women there are good BLACK men clearly you can't see that because you so bz being negative just a thought!!!!! my father was small in stature and I loved his frail little bony self to death, but the men I have dated are all big and strong. i was born to a black man but im not looking for another man to give birth to me so the logic doesnt apply.

Achieving status doesn't mean you say fuck your black women for a cracker Or maybe he just got out of a marriage and is having fun. Yes, there are times when some black people do it for weird reasons but sometimes,'s just a dude f'ing a chick.

So concerned with her skin and your psychological assessment of a relationship of a man you know nothing about, you forget he might be with her for the good ole fashion reasons like she looks good naked and sucks pee pee like she enjoys it.

Black women are control freaks they want to tell black men who they should be with or marry which is completely stupid!! (which means you're already born with self hate), Let me continue to just waist my time and comment. Daniels since Sweet Valley, and protested for "Kelly" to come back to The Game.... I am a black woman with a handsome loving black husband.... Just because black women don't want you (based on your picture) Dont rant and rave and show your ignorance on this website. You know more about me than i do maybe i should name your retarded ass Uncle Tom Jr.

Brotha not only are they control freaks, they just don't want to see black men happy PERIOD!!!

plus, who wants to see their mama or daddies face when being intimate? Man that "Yo momma black" shit has to be the biggest cop-out in the black woman handbook to make black men feel guilty, but one thing i never hear when black women date WHITE MEN is "Yo daddy black" why is that???

Because nobody care , you aren't dating your daddy or momma when you looking for a mate!!! Us as black men ought to give a thank you letter to other races of women saying "Thank you for letting me BE MYSELF!! How many WHITE child stars have gone into severe depression once they found out they were thrust ed into Hollywood only because they were a walking meal ticket to their MOMS specifically.

You are just another black man downing a black woman and giving praise to others when that isn't rignt.And in other Wayans tv news, Keenen's ex-wife, Daphne Wayans is expected to be on the next season of Hollywood Exes.And we're hoping the the In Living Color special that Keenen shot for Fox will see the light of day this year.Even when I had an interest in men, I let them know: This relationship is immovable.''Don’t try to compete with it; don’t get upset about it.This love is deep and long and it’s been built over a very long time and it’s been through tremendous tumults.

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