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Evidence of capital city relocation outside Africa abounds.In 1961, a planned city of Brasilia became the administrative and political capital of Brazil because the former capital of Rio de Janeiro was very overcrowded, a city.Besides, in 1983, President Houphouet-Biogny moved the administrative and political capital of Ivory Coast to Yamoussoukro.In 1991, Nigerians moved their administrative and political capital from Lagos to a planned city of Abuja.But for traffic jams, combining two or three jobs in the city of Accra could be a terrific experience for some workaholic individuals.

This partly explains why I think telling a story about the suffocating city of Accra is without a scintilla of mischief.Attempts by Accra Metropolitan Assembly, especially under Messrs.Stanley Nii Adjiri Blankson and Alfred Oko Vanderpuije to decongest some parts of Accra did not come without howls of outrage especially from individuals who felt their sources of livelihood could be threatened with such moves.In 2014, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina hinted that plans were underway to relocate the capital from Buenos Aires to Santiago del Estero. Washington DC was founded to neutralize the rivalry between New York, Philadelphia, and Boston over a capital city of USA.Russia also transferred its capital from Moscow to St. In geographical terms, Russia is both in the continent of Asia and Europe. Petersburg originally aimed at drawing Russia closer to Western Europe. In Canada, Ottawa became the linguistic neutral capital between the anglophone Toronto and the francophone Quebec City.

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