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Animation is a large part of that, the player character “slugcat” and its adversaries moving fluidly around the future where rain pours hard enough to be deadly. Official site Genre Platformer Release date July 2015 What is it?Extremely bloody and old-school to the bone platforming here from a 25 year veteran artist and animator.Already making a storm on Early Access for the past year, Broforce is an 80s action movie love letter and one of the most insanely destructive games out there. Official site Genre Platformer, Action Release date TBA What is it?The main additions in each new version are an increased character count, all referencing classic movie heroes. A 2D shmup in which you and a partner must work in tandem to control a large, pink spaceship.

It’s got lovely art design from the start, and quickly becomes frantic and funny. Official site Genre Platformer, Action, Early Access Release date Q3 What is it?

While tonally playful, the developers still want to create something challenging and fun through tight mechanics. Official site Genre Platformer Release date On Hold What is it?

Possibly the best name on this list, Blazefall Binalblades is a two character brawler where a day/night cycle influences which of the two ninjas has more power.

A platforming, monster-axing affair, it’s certainly grim. Official site Genre Platformer Release date TBA What is it?

A simple 2D platformer about performing exorcisms – with high powered weaponry.

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